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Every child in our country has the right to education. Children in Ladakh are blessed with the best that nature has to offer. However, in the remote villages life can be very hard with no access to basic facilities. School supplies is a luxury in these areas. Please donate a drawing kit and brighten a child’s day.

17000 ft Foundation has adopted over 100+ Govt schools in very remote villages of Leh and Kargil district of Ladakh with the sole purpose of enhancing the quality of education and try and get them the exposure that they deserve. They should get equal opportunities for learning as their city counterparts and this means facilitating and making things accessible at most of these schools that are at an altitude of 10,000 ft and above. In the last 6 years we have been able to setup 130+ playgrounds, 230+ libraries, 110 Digilabs, 400+ Voluntourist visits across these schools with Corporate, individual and our own organisational efforts!

The amenities at these schools are very basic. A few rooms that double up as multi-grade classrooms, mats to sit, blackboard and some basic school material. The open space in front of these schools doubles up as a playground and also as a classroom when the temperatures are single digits! But their spirit is commendable and the enthusiasm to learn is inspiring!

There are no stationary shops / outlets near any of the schools as we see in the cities. You can imagine the joy on their faces, when we carry this simple drawing material for all the students during our monitoring visits. Yes, our Voluntourists also donate drawing material whenever they visit their assigned schools. The kids love to draw and paint and recreate the stories on paper from the story books that they read in the 17000 ft Libraries setup across these schools. Reading Programs and Art and Craft related to the stories is a regular activity during the visits to these remote schools.

Lot needs to be done we are aware and a lot can be achieved via community connect!

Thousands of children are waiting to get an opportunity to draw and colour - a simple pleasure that is so very taken for granted by the more privileged ones!

A shout out to all for donating this simple drawing material that will bring smiles to the kids of Ladakh! Every donation is a way of filling their hearts with happiness! Come ..let us do it!


About 17000 ft Foundation

17000 ft Foundation is a not for profit organization setup with focus to improve lives of people living in remote villages, in areas that lie isolated and forgotten due to difficulties posed by tough terrain.

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