Please browse through these FAQs for all the general questions about DonateKart.

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Donatekart is India's one of a kind crowdfunding platform that allows donors to directly donate towards products that are required by the NGO. In the last 4 years, we have partnered with 1000+ NGOs all over India to raise 100+ crores worth of products. More than 5 lakh unique donors have used our platform to donate to charities of their choice. As a donor, you are guaranteed 100% transparency - after you donate towards the products, you will receive an update from the campaigner.
After you complete your donation successfully, you will find GET 80G button on the payment success page.Please fill in your PAN number,complete address,name as per PAN and submit.Your 80G certificate will be downloaded and also sent via email.Alternatively, the same can be done using the button in the payment success email.You can claim tax benefits while filing ITR in India with that certificate.

Sometimes prices of the products change during the course of the campaign, we use these tips to cover the hike in prices and deliver the goods to NGOs.

Tip is a voluntary contribution towards our platform and donors can choose to give any amount as tips.
DonateKart is one of its kind platform, which brings in a new layer of trust and transparency in the donations made to social organisations by delivering products directly to them instead of giving money. We have added these unique features on our platform where transparency is given utmost importance.
All the products that have been obtained during a campaign will be delivered at the end of the campaign. However if the organisation requests us, we can deliver the products before the end of the campaign as well.
DonateKart believes in need based donation and lists down the quantity of products that the organisations are in need of at that particular time. If any donations are made offline we can’t track those details and NGO will end up getting products which they would have already received on Donatekart. So we suggest donating products on DonateKart and later visit the organisation once these are delivered.
DonateKart offers various quality and price options to organisations and it is up to the organisation to choose which products they would like to list for their campaign.
DonateKart is a platform that only raises new and durable products. We only list high quality products for different campaigns on our website. There are other avenues through which second hand products can be delivered to the NGO's.
Unlike other platforms which charges more than 10-15% as commission, Donatekart is completely free for both Donors & NGOs. The platform discards traditional monetary donations and ensures that the NGOs get the products they need. This makes the donor rest assured that their donation has gone to the needy. The tracking service and the updates is what adds to the uniqueness of this platforms.