Let's fill Seva Kitchens "Neki Ka Pitara" with food for the needy in Hospitals and Schools.


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Addressing hunger issues of the people in our country has always been a challenge. To do their bit in solving this Seva Kitchen has come up with an initiative to provide healthy beverages and fruits at hospitals and schools. The Neki Ka Pitara is full of nutritious food for the patients and their family members, and we need to ensure that this Pitara is always full and fills everyone's stomach.

As long as there is pain, suffering, and hunger there is scope for kindness, compassion, and generosity. The Seva Kitchen Neki Ka Pitara is  a beacon of hope for patients and their relatives who come to big cities for treatment from all over India.

They have little money left to spend for their own food. At such a time, the Seva Kitchen has come up with a novel idea of providing milk, eggs, lassi, chikki, coconut water, apples, biscuits etc., to the families of patients. You can donate the products as per your budget. These products will be delivered by our Volunteers at 9 hospitals in various cities and 4 schools.

These Neki Ka Pitara or Fridge of Kindness are installed in the following Hospitals and Schools for underprivileged children.

S.NO Location City
1 Diya Ghar - School for Underprivileged Children Bangalore 
2 MNJ Institute of Oncology and Regional Cancer Hosp Hyderabad 
3 Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital - 1 Hyderabad 
4 Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital - 2 Hyderabad 
5 Acts of Love (School for underprivileged Children) Jamnagar 
6 Central India Institute of Medical Sciences Nagpur 
7 Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Regional Cancer Hospital Nagpur 
8 Shri Radhakrishna Hospital & Research Institute Nagpur 
9 Suraj Eye Institute Nagpur 
10 Snehaanchal Palliative Centre Nagpur 
11 Guldasta - School for Underprivileged Children New Delhi 
12 Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevan Hospital New Delhi 
13 Signal Shala-School for Underpriviledged Children Thane 


About Seva Kitchen

The idea of calling it Seva Kitchen, came with some deliberation. The name , quite literally, draws on the traditional value of selfless giving - a desire to serve or doing Seva. Although we started off by making meals accessible to relatives of patients in hospital, the term Seva Kitchen continues to cover a broader ambit of addressing hunger needs. Towards this guiding principle is the belief that every kitchen, in every town, village or city is a Seva Kitchen. The provider of succor to those who are hungry, because every meal counts!

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