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Help This 18-Year-Old Feed 4000+ Families In The Coal Mines Of Dhanbad


    About the Project

    The pandemic and lockdowns have affected millions of people. Some more than the others. People from lower economic backgrounds, who are below the poverty line, continue to suffer due to this ongoing crisis. They’ve lost so much already and their struggles are only increasing with each passing day.

    The Plight Of Coal Miners

    The Jharia-Dhanbad belt in Jharkhand is known for its coal mines. The plight of the coal miners and their families is heartbreaking. Hunger, poverty and malnutrition define their lives. They struggle to make it to the next day. The village of Khairkabaad in Dhanbad is one such place where thousands of families have been left helpless and devastated.

    The people of the village are daily wage labourers and coal sellers. During the pandemic, they haven’t been able to earn enough to meet their daily needs. Their work has been stopped, they’re on the verge of begging , and their children have gone days without even a handful of food to eat. For these 4000 families, food is the need of the hour.

    Sahadeva Foundation Wants To Help

    Started by 18-year-old Harsh Singh, Sahadeva Foundation is about giving, giving to those who need it and those who want it. He encourages coal miners to send their children to the NGO instead of making use of them as child labourers. He wants to develop a system of education in which students will be able to analyze their problems by themselves. This will hone their thinking skills and reasoning skills.

    Harsh’s foundation believes that everyone deserves a safe and healthy life. So he works closely with other NGOs to provide healthy and nutritious meals to the coal miners and their children in Dhanbad. He has already given hundreds of children of coal miners opportunities, support and food. And today, he wants to help 4000 families in Khairkabaad survive this crisis.

    Harsh wants to give them grocery kits with which these families and cook fresh and healthy meals.

    Your Support Can Save Lives

    Despite his best efforts, Harsh is struggling to help all the families by himself. He needs your help to give groceries to 4000 families of coal miners in Dhanbad so that they don’t go hungry again. Your support will make a huge difference in the lives of these helpless people. 

    You can be the reason they survive. 

    About The NGO:

    Sahadeva Foundation was started by 18-year-old Harsh Singh with the aim to help the children of coal miners in Dhanbad. He has supported hundreds of children and continues to work towards their upliftment by giving them access to education. During the crisis, he wants to help thousands of families in Dhanbad get the groceries they need to survive. 

    Note: All the donations  towards this campaign is eligible for Indian Tax Exemption.

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