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Help Shujatullah Get Oxygen Cylinders For Those Fighting The Deadly Virus

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    As many as over 3 lakh fresh COVID-19 cases were reported in India in the last 24 hours, the highest in the country so far since the pandemic broke out last year. With this, the total number of active cases in India now stands at over 2 million, and over 1.8 lakh people have succumbed to the virus.

    The second wave of the pandemic has already proven to be deadlier than the first, and it threatens to destroy so many more lives. With thousands of people dying outside hospitals due to a lack of oxygen cylinders and hospital beds, there is an urgent need for access to life-saving healthcare equipment. 

    Humanity First Foundation, founded by Mohammed Shujatullah, is determined to help the people of Hyderabad get oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators to fight the second wave of this deadly virus.

    Humanity First has supported thousands throughout the pandemic:

    Started in 2016, through Humanity First, Mr. Shujatullah began by serving breakfast for families of poor patients in government hospitals. They soon expanded and now serve 1000+ people in Hyderabad, in hospitals, railway stations, and even orphanages.


    During the beginning of the pandemic last year, they ramped up their operations to meet a surge in demand as migrant workers and many poor families were left stranded and struggling to put food on the table. Their relief activities included ration distribution, Eid pack distribution, face mask distribution, provision of free oxygen cylinders for 300 Covid patients, sanitization programs, and flood relief work. They had 110 oxygen cylinders last year, which they used to refill and provide the needy. 

    Need of the hour:

    This time, Shujatullah wants to help thousands of people get access to oxygen cylinders and concentrators since so many people from the lower-income group just can’t afford it. They have no option but to let their loved ones die in front of their eyes, and he wants to do everything he can to help them. 


    Oxygen cylinders and concentrators are the need of the hour, and Shujathullah needs your help now to save thousands from COVID-19.

    Every small contribution from your side will make a huge difference for those battling death right now. Let’s come together and fight the virus - your support can save a life.  

    About NGO: Humanity First Foundation was founded by Mohammed Shujatullah. They serve nearly 1000+ needy people free healthy breakfast at 3 government hospitals every day. It was started in 2016 and is based out of Hyderabad. Their mission is to eradicate hunger regardless of caste or creed. They also serve orphanages in addition to the hospitals. During the current crisis, they have ramped up their operations to help those in need, and currently want to help people get oxygen cylinders. 


    How long has Sujaatullah been doing this work? Sujaatullah has been distributing free oxygen cylinders from the last 317+ days. Other than this, through his organization Humanity First Foundation, he's been helping thousands of people with free food outside hospitals.

    Where is Sujaatullah located? Sujaatullah is located in Hyderabad. Where will these donated oxygen cylinders be distributed? There are hundreds of people who've been calling Sujaatullah for help. These oxygen cylinders will be distributed to help those who're in severe need of oxygen in hospitals, COVID facilities and wards, and those who are home quarantined as well.

    Is there a severe need? Yes, there's a dire need of oxygen cylinders. Sujaatullah get over 300-400+ calls every day requesting for help. How will Sujaatullah transport these cylinders? Sujaatullah also has an ambulance/vehicle which he uses to transport the cylinders from one place to another. Is there anything we can do to help? At this moment, the biggest help you can do is to join Sujaatullah in his journey and to help to him donating oxygen cylinders and important medical equipment to those in need.

    Where are you procuring oxygen cylinders?

    Sujaatullah has been connected with various vendors across Hyderabad from whom he's procuring these cylinders.

    When can we expect delivery as this is the need of the hour?

    The procurement for these cylinders and delivery happens every single day whenever there is a need.

    Note: All the donations towards this campaign is eligible for Indian Tax Exemption.


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