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Support Hingonia Gaushala To Give Hundreds Of Abandoned Cows A Safe Home


    About the Project

    We often hear stories of atrocities against animals that are so heartbreaking, that we’re left with tears in our eyes and a sense of helplessness. These are stories of cruelty, pain and suffering - and there are thousands of instances of cows facing this in the country. Whether it’s an accident or cows being injured, beaten or attacked for no fault of theirs, these voiceless creatures end up suffering a world of pain. 

    “Sometimes they are hurt beyond repair. But most of the time, there is hope. We once found a cow who had been attacked by acid. She was in so much pain, but she could barely move or make a sound. Our doctors worked day and night to help her recover. And now, she’s healthier than before.”This is just one of the incidents where a cow has been saved by the people at Hingonia Gaushala in Rajasthan - the world’s largest cow rehabilitation centre. Now, despite all the challenges, they continue to work for the betterment of these gentle creatures. 

    Over 15,000 Cows Have Found A Safe Place HereSpread across 800 acres of land, with over 15,000 cattle, Hingonia Gaushala provides the utmost care for abandoned and diseased cows and bulls. They rescue cows every day and have a well equipped system and a team of dedicated individuals to care for them. As soon as the cow is brought to the gaushala, they are classified based on their health, age and gender. Each of them is provided suitable medical treatment, and are given proper food and clean drinking water.  

    “The cattle are fed with good quality fodder keeping their healthy and dietary needs in mind. We have a team of over 50 medical professionals, 400 workers and we’ve done over 8000 surgeries so far. Everyone here is determined to give these loving animals the best possible life - one of love and respect.” - Mukund PrabhujiEver since its inception in 2016, Hingonia Gaushala has taken up several self-sustaining intiatives such as sale of dairy products and have even started a bio gas plant to increase the revenue generation capabilities at the gaushala. However, the on-going pandemic has proven to be a huge challenge. 

    The Pandemic Has Left Thousands Of Cows StrugglingThe on-going pandemic has been one of the major roadblocks for Hingonia Gaushala. They were struggling to feed the cows fresh fodder, treat the cows and also give them a safe and secure space. While things are slowly starting to look up for them, their struggles are far from over.Hingonia Gaushala now needs your help to feed their cows and build sheds for them. And they can’t do it without your help.  

    How You Can HelpThey now need your support to get construction material to build sheds for hundreds of cows. They also need help to get fodder and medicines so that these cows live a healthy life.Your contribution will ensure that these helpless and injured cows get a safe place they can call home. It will go a long way to further Hingonia Gaushala’s mission of giving thousands of cows a better life.About Hingonia GaushalaIn 2016, the Government of Rajasthan and the Jaipur Nagar Nigam decided to partner with Hare Krishna Movement Jaipur, which runs the Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir at Jagatpura, Jaipur. The full time missionaries of Hare Krishna Movement accepted the humble service to mother cows at Hingonia. A special purpose vehicle, Sri Krishna Balaram Seva Trust, was set up to run the Hingonia centre with the aid of Jaipur Nagar Nigam. This trust is a non profit organization, dedicated for serving the cattle at Hingonia.

    Note: All the donations  towards this campaign is eligible for Indian Tax Exemption
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