This Christmas Be a Secret Santa for Children at Happy Feet Home


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This Christmas, be a Santa for the children suffering from life-limiting illnesses by sending gifts to these children at Happy Feet Home. With limited time left in their lifetime, these children are making as many memories as possible. Let us become a part of their beautiful memories.

Being India's first Children's hospice, Happy Feet Home has been trying to make the limited lifetime of children with life-threatening/ life-limiting illnesses, memorable and well-spent.These children who have just a few months or days left to live in this world have accepted the truth about their illness and are making great memories during their time spent at Happy Feet Home by involving in various activities of their interest along with getting care and attention of the caregivers at the home.

While every single day is precious in their life, festivals have greater significance as they get to spend time with family and friends and celebrate in joy putting aside all the trauma of their illness and treatment. These festivals probably their last, fill immense happiness in their little hearts.

This Christmas, become the Santa for these children and send them gifts that they could play with during their last days of their life. Become a part of their happy days, become a reason for their smile with your surprise gift. Make your good wishes and love reach them through your gifts.


About Happy Feet Home

Happy Feet Home, the first Children's Hospice in India, is a place where children with life-threatening/  life-limiting illnesses love spending their time involving in exciting activities. HFH provides emotional, psycho-social and spiritual support to these children for free of cost. Since the time they started operation in August 2014, they have been providing counseling, Art based therapy sessions, Respite care, nutrition support, medical support, and educational support to the children and their caregivers.

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