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Help And Care For Rescued Elephants


    WRRC in collaboration with its sister concern CUPA, Asian Nature Conservation Foundation conducted an in-depth study of over 1200 captive elephants across 12 states in India. It was a pioneering study leading to a cumulative publication comprising of 44 reports titled as ‘Captive Elephants In India – Ecology, Management & Welfare’ sponsored by World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA), UK. These reports revealed the terrible exploitation and poor health conditions of captive elephants held in commercial captivity.

    Responding to the need to address the horrific situation of many captive elephants held in private and public institutions based on this study, WRRC started working with different state Forest Departments to identify and respond to cases of severe abuse and exploitation. This led to the Forest Dept of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, handing over 5 elephants - Indu, Jayanthi, Sandhya, Aneesha and Lakshmi who are housed between WRRC's Elephant Care Facilities at Malur, Karnataka and Marakanam, Tamil Nadu (run in collaboration with Tree Foundation) respectively.

    These elephants have been malnourished and treated badly for decades by their previous owners, and we are now entrusted with their care and need to provide them with 300 kilos of fodder and nutritious food, water daily along with medical treatment to help them regain their health. We cannot hope to provide plenty of food grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables that our elephants need without your kind and generous support. We are hopeful, that you will find it in your heart, to give generously to these avatars of Lord Ganesha, who we revere in our culture but abuse in reality. We need to change the perception of captive elephant keeping in India, and it starts with helping people to know our 5 Elephants and be part of their journey to a life without chains, without pain and with dignity.

    Please visit our centers and meet the gentle and majestic elephants you are helping!!



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