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Through this campaign, We wish to distribute sanitary pads to 500 girls at Sphoorti and a few government schools

In a world where 'red' comes in two extremes of either love or blood, there's another 'red' which is not just a bloody mess. She bleeds and it's important!

Imagine a lively teenage girl, mind bubbling with various hues of ambitions, acing her way through the school. But there comes a time in a month "That time of the month

You might be knowing Stayfree and Whispers because you belong to a section where it's accepted! What if you belonged to the pie where it's an alien word? An impurity? Or, a phenomenon unaware of!? 

Menstruation would get tougher, right? Today, still this harsh stigma surrounding menstruation is no less a barrier to her education. Lack of awareness is stopping her from participating. Lack of proper sanitation and management stopping her from reaching her full potential. 

113 million at the age of 12-14 in India are at a risk of dropping out of school because of the stigma surrounding menstrual health.

Time to be open about this natural process.

Time to equip them with the needful. 

Time to shun the unfound Taboos. 

Time to say #HappyToBleed 

I count you. She counts on you. Help us with the cause, where bleeding matters!


About Sphoorti Foundation

Sphoorti Foundation works for the rehabilitation of underprivileged children - orphaned, abandoned, destitute and other vulnerable sections of society. Our journey started with 3 students in Oct 2005 renting a very modest house now we currently support 250 children – 132 boys and 118 girls in the age group 5-20. Ever since we started taking comprehensive care of these children, we have been pursuing one single goal – make them good citizens of the nation.

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