Help Sphoorti feed families amidst the Corona Pandemic

Let’s give to the families in need amidst Corona 

A nationwide lockdown was announced for three long weeks, it destroyed the daily wage labourers. These labourers live from hand-to-mouth. They rely on their daily wages to feed their families. Many of them come from villages far away to the city to earn a better livelihood. With no transport amidst the lockdown, thousands of labourers were seen walking back to their villages. 

“Starvation will kill us before Corona does”, said a daily wage worker.

Their cries of desperation were unheard. Their cries of hunger were unanswered. 

The construction labourers were immediately told not to come back to work. It only took a few hours for many of them to be stranded on the roads with no homes, no food and no money. 

We’ve seen crises before, we’ve overcome crises before. We believe we can do it again, together. 

Sphoorti Foundation reached out to these families in need. Through generous donations, we were able to provide thousands of families with grocery kits. These grocery kits were largely essential dry rations and staples that are used in Indian households. 

They’re reaching out to marginalized communities who’re living in slums, and are in dire poverty. Their home is made up of a few bricks and a tarpaulin sheet. They struggle to feed their children on the days they have work. It’s a challenge to feed their families amidst this crisis. 

In their distribution drives:

They were able to distribute 150 grocery kits in Punjagutta. DCP LS Chowhan, ACP Govardhan and their entire team assisted throughout the distribution. 

They distributed grocery kits to migrant labourers and their families in Rampally and Nagaram. 

After receiving a distress call from a few migrants in Bihar staying near Langer Houz. The team sprang into action and ensured that they received grocery kits. 

They distributed grocery kits to many of the daily wagers and their families in MP and Bihar.  

These were some of the many distribution drives that they conducted across the country. However, as the lockdown is coming to a near end, the crisis isn’t over. The worst is yet to come. 

A new crisis of poverty, shortage in food and overcrowding will arise after the lockdown. The crisis will continue its way into a perpetual cycle of poverty that India is famous for. 

In our attempt to help these families gear up for the aftermath. 

We will try to provide comprehensive grocery kits of essentials to families from marginalized communities. 

This is a disaster at its early stage. If we contribute together and work towards helping these families survive, we can overcome this. 

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