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Help Sirona Hygiene Foundation Make A Difference By Distributing Menstrual Cups To 2000 Sex Workers In Delhi

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    Delhi’s G.B. Road is well-known as the red-light area of the city. While there is a lot of stigma surrounding the area and the people living there, it is also important to acknowledge that most of the sex workers live in abysmal conditions without even the basic necessities.

    The life of the sex workers is fraught with difficulties

    2000 women who work as sex workers at G.B Road, are struggling to sustain themselves. These women have a scarcity of resources to survive with and struggle to manage even their basic needs. So much so that they’re hardly in a condition to afford hygienic menstrual products every month during their periods. 

    However, there is hope

    Sirona Hygiene Foundation (SHF) aims to change the lives of these women by supporting them to transition to use menstrual cups, so they can be empowered to end period poverty in their lives, once and for all. 

    Sirona Hygiene Foundation is driven by a single goal : to do their part in making the world a better place for all women irrespective of race, caste, social or economic background. They rely on comprehensive empirical studies and high quality data evaluation and  strive to build productive relationships and a positive impact. 

    A woman uses about 16000 pads in her entire life. It’s impossible for these women to buy pads and as a result, they end up using dirty, old cloth pieces and old torn fabric to deal with their periods which makes them prone to various fatal diseases and makes their period uncomfortable. 

    SHF has helped nearly 30,000 women to get menstrual cups so far and determines to end period poverty among sex workers as well. Hygienic, affordable, and sustainable period interventions are a basic human right and no one should suffer due to scarcity of resources. 

    How can you help?

    One menstrual cup can be used for 5-8 years, which means that when a woman is given a menstrual cup to use, she won’t have to buy another cup or a pad for next 5-8 years, this will also be a responsible step towards sustainable menstruation. 

    With your donation, you can help 2000 sex workers of G.B Road to get educated and trained to successfully become menstrual cup users for life. This is your chance to make a difference in the lives of all those who are anyway the victim of discrimination and stigma in our society. 

    About the NGO: Sirona Hygiene Foundation (SHF) aims to change the lives of women by helping them transition to menstrual cups and thereby end period poverty. They plan to do their part in making the world a better place for all women irrespective of race, caste, social or economic background. 

    Note: All the donations towards this campaign are eligible for Indian Tax Exemption.


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