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This Visually Impaired Man In Gujarat Is Uplifting Hundreds Of Orphans, You Can Help Him

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    Ashok Chaudhari had a tough childhood. Visually impaired in one eye, he had to struggle his way through to get a good education. But despite the challenges, he was never deterred from his path for once - he knew the only way he could succeed and make a difference in the world was through education. 

    “Once I had experienced the stigma and the discrimination toward the challenged, I figured how difficult it would be for the underprivileged to wade through these difficult situations. I desperately wanted to help them. That’s how I decided to start Sarvangi Vikas Trust in Karutha, Gujarat,” - Ashok Chaudhari, Founder. 

    They are like my own children, I want to give them a better life 

    Since 2010, the Sarvangi Trust has been a ray of hope for the 39 villages in and around Karutha, Gujarat. They mainly cater to the poor and underprivileged children in the area. These families have no fixed source of income and have to do odd jobs to feed their children. Education is a luxury for these people who sleep on empty stomachs most nights. 

    “These children are forced to work in the sugar mills. Their parents leave for work and they have no one to take care of the kids. As a result, 12-13 YOs are doing heavy manual labour instead of playing and being in school. I was determined to change this.” 

    Sarvangi Trust is now home to 143+ kids born to single parents or whose families are too poor to give them the life they deserve. The Trust feeds them warm, nutritious meals, educates them and prepares them for a better future.  

    Their troubles can end with your support  

    Sarvangi Trust is in urgent need of groceries and hygiene materials for the 143+ children they’re looking after. They’re also in need of a school bus for the students who are going to school almost 10 km away from their homes. 

    “These kids have to walk 20 km on a single day if public transport is not available. By the time they reach home, they get so tired that they can hardly study. You can help us change that.” 

    Donate now and give a bright future to the tribal children in Gujarat. Your small contribution will make a huge difference in their lives. 

    About the NGO: Founded in 2010, Sarvangi Trust in Karutha, Gujarat is home to 143+ orphan children. Ashok Chaudhuri, the founder, is working tirelessly to give them a life of happiness and hope.


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