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India’s First Camel Rescue Shelter Needs Your Help To Save 400+ Camels And Give Them A Comfortable Life

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    What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Rajasthan’? Sand dunes, palaces and camels? The picturesque land of Rajasthan is known for its beautiful traditions and culture but unfortunately is also a place that sees a lot of atrocities on camels. 

    Camels are the inhabitants of Rajasthan and are not suited to the climate and soil of the other states. The general diet of the camels is shrubs and plants that are found in and around Rajasthan.

    Like many other animals, several camels are gruesomely slaughtered in complete disregard of the ruel. Illegal entry and slaughter of camels are a violation of Section 429 of IPC and other laws. The camel is the state animal of Rajasthan and smuggling them out without permission for slaughter is also a crime.


    PFA, Sirohi goes to great lengths to save the camels 

    People For Animals, Sirohi has been running for more than 20 years now. They take care of camels that are found on the streets after being hit by vehicles, and those that are saved from being sent to the slaughter houses for meat procurement. 

    Industries and people don't consider camels as an important animal, they are ill treated and abandoned or sent to slaughterhouses for meat. At PFA, we take care of 400+ such camels today. We also run a vaccination drive every year in order to vaccinate more than 2k camels every year,” - Amit Deol, Secretary, PFA, Sirohi.


    Currently, PFA which is the largest camel protection centre in India provides regular vaccination for major diseases in camels and looks after the injured and abandoned ones. In the rural areas around Sirohi, there is a lack of veterinary services for them. Nose peg wounds and accidents are amongst the major challenges that the PFA team faces. 

    They not only treat any sick and injured camels but also educate owners on good husbandry, and fix reflectors to camel carts to reduce the risk of night-time road accidents. In emergency cases, the Sirohi Camel team attends injured and sick camels across the city whenever necessary. They treat over 200 camels during routine visits and may attend 15-20 emergency cases every month. 


    You can put an end to the sufferings of these innocent animals 

    These camels are wounded badly and these unattended wounds often become maggot-infested. There are pregnant camels, calves and lactating ones as well who face tremendous cruelty. We want to give them a safe place to stay and recover. We also look after these animals during famines in Rajasthan.


    Despite their dedicated efforts, PFA, Sirohi is unable to cater to all the camels in need. They want to extend their centre and provide the injured animals with the best of the medical facilities. They want to feed the starving and abandoned camels proper food. And this is where you can help them by donating medicines, fodder and construction materials for the shelter. 

    About the NGO: PFA Sirohi was established in 1998 to serve innocent and silent animals and birds and now became the premier support system for the animals and birds.It is the first ' Camels Rescue Shelter and Animal Welfare Organization' of kind. It runs free animal’s check-up camps in the needy villages which benefits many animals as well their owners. 

    Note: All the donations towards this campaign is eligible for Indian Tax Exemption.


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