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The Homeless And Destitute, Landless Labourers And Others Stricken By Poverty Indulge In Begging In The Absence Of Any Job.

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    We can’t miss the beggars. They are present at various spots around the city such as railway stations, bus stops, roundabouts, markets and religious places. The homeless and destitute, landless labourers and others stricken by poverty.

    Some children are forced to beg by the begging mafia and also made to indulge in crimes.Unfortunately, there are still people around us who don't get the basic necessities of life like food, clothes, shelter, and much more. We strive to make their life as better as they can be. 

    It is against human dignity to earn one’s livelihood without contributing anything to society. As monsoon & expecting heavy rain in coming days, the Raincoat & Blanket to them will be useful to survive in a pandemic.  

    When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.Your greatness is not what you have, but in what you give.

    Speaking about the philosophy on which the Neralu-Shadow Charitable Trust operates, “Our aim is to give back to the society by uplifting the underprivileged in any way that’s possible. To give, share and strive to make their lives better is our sole aim and nothing feels more fulfilling than lifting others, and what better way to do it than kindness and support.

    • The 40 different activities in and around Karnataka & Tamil Nadu state performed.

    • The services were rendered to animals also by feeding food to street Dogs & Feeding to Cows are the happy notes.   

    • Approximately 1,000 dry ration kits were distributed to the front liners & poor families.

    • Medical bed, sewing machine, Water bed, mats, coats, blankets were distributed to the needy.

    •  Medical & Education support was extended to the deserving students.

    • Many donors sponsored for their Birthday/Anniversary occasion for the food to orphanage/ old age which was organised by our Trust.

    • Spreading Menstrual Hygiene awareness for government school girls.

    About the NGO

    Neralu. Shadow Charitable Trust is a registered charitable trust is working towards the eradication of hunger, poverty, unemployment and to improve the health conditions of the underprivileged.The Trust was started recently as on 21.01.2021 with like mind friends.

    Note: All the donations  towards this campaign is eligible for Indian Tax Exemption.


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