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Help MH14 Animal Hospital to provide necessary treatment to the poor needy stray animals

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    From childhood, Sachin Dhumal loved animals and enjoyed their company. As he grew older he could see the tremendous amount of conflict between humans and animals - with many first hand experiences in confrontations with dog haters. Sachin realised that stray dogs are the worst affected. 

    On a personal front in early 2016 Sachin started feeding, rescuing and transporting distressed and unwanted strays of Pune. The everyday struggle of finding an NGO which would take in medical cases as fatal and contagious like Gastro, Distemper, Tick fever compelled him to envision a dedicated hospital for handling such conditions. Utilising his background in the healthcare sector, just before the nationwide lockdown, Sachin & his wife Manisha founded Earth Charitable Foundation - a Section 8 non-profit NGO in Pune. Through ECF they wish to contribute their knowledge, love and empathy to our planet and all its  earthlings and not just to the stray animals. ECF receives no government or corporate funding and runs purely on public donations and support. It has 80G and 12A authorization.

    Fast forward to March 2021 when MH14 Animal Hospital was inaugurated after months of work and stoppages due to Covid induced lockdowns and restrictions. The hospital provides critical care to stray animals with specialisation in treating Gastro, Distemper, Jaundice & Tick fever cases. With their 32 kennel facility soon getting filled up, within 6 months they expanded it to 52 kennels and even started accepting the injured and accident cases, as the phones never stopped ringing for Sachin.

    ECF is continuously evolving to the changing needs of the growing urban and stray population of Pune. They proudly inaugurated another 61 kennel facility adjacent to the hospital as MH14 ABC Unit which is a state-of-the-art facility for carrying sterilisation/neutering of stray dogs and cats as per the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001 which provides for sterilisation and vaccination of stray dogs to control the stray dog population and to prevent rabies, and reduce man-dog conflict in a humane way. It is estimated that an unneutered dog can grow their population by 67,000 in just 6 years, many of whom face the harshness and cruelty of surviving on the streets.

    Both of ECF’s units - MH14 Animal Hospital & MH14 ABC Unit combined have over 113 kennels now and are running 24 hours. Sachin and his team even handle emergency cases beyond midnight. All ‘patient’ animals who enter our facilities receive nutritious and fresh food made in our in-house kitchen. 

    How You Can Help

    Being a hospital which on an average takes in 4-5 critical cases a day and many times more, we are constantly in need of medicines, surgical supplies, food to keep serving our furry patients and stay prepared for the worst.

    Those who have personally handled the viral communicable diseases know the amount of effort, hygiene and medication needed to save the lives of our voiceless friends. Without timely medications and nutritious food medical recoveries take longer.

    Your generous contributions towards the cost-intensive medical treatments will immensely enhance and improve our capacity to serve more strays. We look forward to your kindness!


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