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Sachin Is On A Mission To Give Stray Animals 24x7 Medical Care

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    In 2016, Sachin Dhumal began the compassionate journey of feeding, rescuing, and transporting distressed and unwanted stray animals in Pune. Faced with the daily challenge of finding an NGO willing to take in fatal and contagious medical cases like Gastro, Distemper, and Tick fever, he envisioned a dedicated hospital to address such conditions. Leveraging his background in the healthcare sector, Sachin and his wife Manisha founded Earth Charitable Foundation (ECF), a Section 8 non-profit NGO in Pune. Through ECF, they aim to contribute their knowledge, love, and empathy not only to stray animals but to all living beings on our planet.

    In March 2021, MH14 Animal Hospital was inaugurated, specializing in critical care for stray animals, particularly those with Gastro, Distemper, Jaundice, and Tick fever. The hospital, initially equipped with 32 kennels, soon expanded to 113, echoing the growing heartbeat of compassion. The phones never stopped ringing for Sachin, each calls a plea for help from a distressed being.

    "We have admitted over 2200 animals and handled more than 2000 trauma cases involving dogs, cats, parrots, pigeons, and cows. Our hospital deals with an average of 30-35 distress calls every day, and my dedicated team of 14 individuals, including myself, has worked miracles in countless situations. Together, we operate beyond the conventional hours, often handling emergency cases well into the midnight hours. It's crucial to us that every animal, regardless of the time, receives not just medical attention but also nutritious food from our in-house kitchen."

    - Sachin Dhumal, Founder, Earth Charitable Foundation

    Every story etched in the walls of the hospital is a testament to love overcoming despair.

    • There was the puppy, just 2.5 months old, battling Gastro with a low body temperature and low WBC. It took us over a month, but it survived.
    • Then came January 2023, with a dog bearing an enormous maggot wound around its head, half its face devoured. Six months later, the wound healed, and the dog found solace in the VOSD sanctuary, as it seemed to be a relocation case, considering the countryside where it was found had no human settlement around.
    • In the midst of despair, there was a 10-year-old female dog with a swollen belly, a massive tumor threatening to shatter the fragile threads of life. Medical advice whispered "euthanize," but Sachin and his team whispered back with procedure. Against all odds, she stabilized and, within a month, emerged from the shadows of the operation, back to her neighborhood, back to life.

    How You Can Help

    MH14 Animal Hospital handles an average of 4–5 critical cases daily, and your support is crucial for sustaining our operations. We are in constant need of medicines, surgical supplies, and food to serve our furry patients and remain prepared for unforeseen challenges. Our monthly expenditure on medicines alone is approximately 3 Lakh INR.

    Your contributions will directly support the hospital's end-to-end medical care, covering cases that require admission, transportation with their own ambulance, and continuous care until recovery and release.

    With your generous support, we aim to extend this medical care to all stray animals, 24x7, recognizing that emergencies don't adhere to a specific schedule. Your contributions towards cost-intensive medical treatments will significantly enhance our capacity to serve more patients.

    Our Requirements

    You can sponsor the treatment of the cases we receive at MH14 Animal Hospital. For convenience we have curated kits for the most reported cases below.

    1. Save a Dog (Viral) [Total 2500/-]
      Blood test: 300/-, IV (RL & DNS): 560/-, Pantaprozal 40mg: 300/-, Vitalgin: 50/-, Ceftraczone 500 mg: 280/-, Consiplex: 50/-, Catasol: 30/-, Perinorm: 25/-, Sylate: 435/-, Stemetill: 220/-, Metro: 220/-, IV Set: 30/-
    2. Save a Dog (Maggot Wound) [Total 3000/-]
      Blood test: 300/-, Ivermectin: 50/-, Ceftraczone 500mg: 280/-, Vitalgin: 50/-, Rantac: 50/-, Betadine powder: 320/-, Lorexzine cream: 250/-, Cotton 130/-, Dressing bandage: 250/-, Betadine liquid: 120/-, IV (RL, NS & DNS): 630/-, Atrax 25mg: 200/-, IV set: 30/-, Food: 340/-
    3. Save a Dog (Accident) [Total 3500/-]
      Blood test: 300/-, IV (RL & DNS): 560/-, Pentaprozal 40mg: 300/-, Sylate: 435/-, Vitalgin: 50/-, Tramadol: 100/-, Consiplex: 50/-, Catasol: 30/-, Meloxiclaim: 50/-, Cotton: 100/-, Plaster: 500/-, Sutures: 1025/-
    4. Save a Cat (Accident) [Total 2800/-]
      Blood test: 300/-, IV (RL & DNS): 330/-, Pentaprozal 40mg: 150/-, Sylate: 210/-, Vitalgin: 50/-, Tramadol: 30/-, Consiplex: 50/-, Catasol: 30/-, Meloxiclaim: 50/-, Cotton: 100/-, Plaster: 500/-, Sutures: 1000/-

    Your generosity is not just a donation; it's a lifeline, a chance for these animals to feel warmth in a world that can often be cold.

    Together, let's weave more miracles, save more lives, and etch stories of hope into the very fabric of our community.

    Follow our work on Instagram & Facebook - @mh14animalhospital

    ECF receives no government or corporate funding and runs purely on public donations and support. It has 80G and 12A tax exemption status under IT Rules.


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