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Help the families of daily wage labourers during the Corona crisis


    Impact as on (17th August 2020) - We have distributed grocery kits to over 42,800+ families and a total of 2,14,000+ individuals in and around 23+ states across India.

    We're grateful to have the support of over 12,046 donors for this campaign. Many of the beneficiaries are daily wage labourers, construction workers, slum dwellers, poor communities. Even though the lockdown has ended, there are many industries which are still closed. Without any work, many daily wage workers are struggling to feed their families. 

    The campaign is a long term relief effort to support more families in need. These families need your help more than ever. 

    Over the past few months, Corona Virus has spread rapidly across the country. India’s COVID-19 cases have spiked to a magnanimous number and the numbers are increasing. The government has been actively working towards stemming the outbreak. A severe lockdown has been put in place in all the states. The lockdown has also been extended in various phases and these workers are still struggling to survive.

    A large segment of the unorganized sector i.e., the daily wage workers, the construction labourers, farmers and so on do not have the necessary resources to survive. They rely on their daily wages to put food on the table. 

    Many of the essential workers are farmers, construction workers, street vendors, masons, painters, vendors and more. They rely on their daily wages to put food on the table.

    There is a huge lack of awareness of the pandemic among these individuals from marginalized communities. These communities are already vulnerable as they don’t have proper homes, adequate income or sufficient resources. These individuals from under-served communities are on the brink of starvation. They suffer from various problems such as Lack of Access to Food. Many of them have mostly exhausted their monthly ration supplies and most of them do not have access to avail rations due to lack of awareness. Most of the students rely on midday meals which have also stopped since many schools have shut down.

    Apnalaya, distributing grocery kits to families from marginalized communities in Mumbai. ?

    The street vendors struggle to sell whatever they have. Women employed in household activities were instructed not to come. They are shut in their own homes with little or no food at all. While the government has been making efforts to provide ration and food supplies to the marginalized communities, India’s current economic situation, population, and distribution of resources make it a struggle.

    Our NGO partners are working day and night to provide grocery kits to these families. A few supplies such as rice, dal, and oil can help these families survive. These families need your support and help to survive. The Corona Virus should not push them into starvation.

    We've helped feed more than 30,000+ families. We can do more, with your help. Donate a grocery kit to the poor now.

    Beneficiary NGOs    :

    1. Voice of Slum -  Voice of Slum is an NGO based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Their mission is to assimilate street children into mainstream society by providing them with quality education,  exposure and access to opportunities.

    2. Seva Kitchen - The lockdown is slowly pushing them into starvation. Nagpur Municipal  Corporation requested many NGOs in Nagpur among which Seva Kitchen has volunteered to help these families from marginalized communities.

    3. Sphoorti Foundation - Sphoorti Foundation has been working from the past 15 years for the rehabilitation of underprivileged children - orphaned, abandoned, destitute and other vulnerable sections of society.

    4. Praveenlata Sansthan -  Praveenlata Sansthan is an award-winning NGO based in Jaipur, Rajasthan working at the grassroots level. They work with girls and women coming from various slums who work as daily wage labourers as maids, making rugs from home, working in nearby factories cutting threads or cooking food in weddings, daughters of rickshaw pullers and street vendors. 

    5. Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan (RSKS) - RSKS is a pioneer in the promotion of livelihood, microfinance & enterprise, women & child education & development, women empowerment, gender equality, children welfare, human rights and environmental and water issues for the marginalized &

    deprives sections of the rural community.

    6. Pure India Trust - PURE India Trust is a not-for-profit charitable organization started by corporate professionals in March 2013, with a mission to provide quality Education & Employment opportunities to under-served communities of rural & urban slums. 

    7. Jan Urja Manch - A non-profit trust, formed by a group of doctors, fitness experts and professionals who have resolved to support those who are not able to go to work to earn a daily wage to feed their families.

    8. Nand Care Foundation -  Nand care foundation is intensively working for the upliftment of underprivileged kids in Dhanbad and nearby areas. Our initiative is to provide Pre-Primary education to these ignored kids who have the immense potential not only to thrive in their future but also to contribute to the development of our nation. 100 underprivileged kids are getting benefit through Play School and 50 government school kids from the nearby area.

    Where is it located?

    Barmaisa, Near Hari mandir Duhatand, Dhanbad, Jharkhand - 826001; India

    9. Mukul Kumar - Mukul Kumar is an individual initiative, who is a very well known social worker in Bihar. He wanted to help the people who are from underprivileged communities in this crisis period through Donatekart.

    10. The Earth Saviours Foundation - The Earth Saviors Foundation is an internationally recognised ngo, situated in gurugram, Haryana. It was founded in 2008 by Ravi Kalra. The Gurukul is dedicated to serving the underprivileged, abandoned, disabled and the mentally challenged adults along with environment-friendly initiatives.

    Where is it located?

    Gurukul's address: Bandhwari Village, Gurgaon - Faridabad Road, Near Teri Golf Course, District - Gurgaon. Haryana - 122201. India.

    11. Farooq Shaik - Farooq is an individual initiative based in Neral, Maharashtra. In this crisis period he wanted to help the people staying in their locality who are underprivileged, daily wage workers.

    12. Doon Animal Welfare - They engaged in working for neglected humans and animals by providing them free treatment facility, free medicine. Society is also working for betterment of environment by planting trees, awareness among the society. Society is helping poor people on the major surgeries by providing food, medicine, clothes, caretaker and all the other possible ways.

    Doon’s mission is -

    l. To rescue all neglected humans and animals;

    ll. To change people’s thought about animals and show them how lovable they are;

    lll. To make their life full of happiness.

    Where is it located?

    East hope town, ratanpur shimla by pass road, road, Towards, Nayagaon Malhan, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001

    13. MAHAN Trust - MAHAN (Meditation, Addiction, Health, AIDS, Nutrition) is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation providing preventive & Curative medical facilities to tribal of Melghat.
    Since 1997, malnutrition and death due to malnutrition is reduced by more than 63% of adopted villages amd more than 5 lakh people got benefitted through various projects bringing significant impact in life of tribal. MAHAN attempts to save lives everyday and strive to create a positive impact on more than 5 lakh tribal people, in the Melgaht area of Maharashtra state in India.

    Where is it located?

    Karmagram, Utavali, MH MSH 6, Kadhava, Maharashtra 444702

    14. Ashis Vijaywargia - Ashis is an inidividual initiative, based on Hyderabad working for the welfare of needy and poor people.

    15. Youth for Change - "Youth for change"(YFC) is an organisation formed by one of our team member and his friends in their home town named Podili, Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh. Their place is a town which is a pool of all religions, castes and sections which taught them no racism of all kinds. Likewise YFC contains members from all sections. They were always enthusiastic of doing something for their beloved town and hence the reason for the formation of the organisation on Dec 2015. They have done some good activities through the organisation since then. They have distributed daily needs to some poor elderly, raised funds for some severe medical patients, raised funds for some accident prone people with whatever we can give big or small. The corona pandemic made them to think again about the labour in their surroundings earning on daily basis who are the most effected to this disaster. He became more engaged as he gets motivated from his workplace "Donatekart" which drives him to help the needy. In association with Donatekart, they started collecting products and have now distributed 100 grocery and Vegetable kits which would feed 100 families for 1 week. In addition to this they have distributed over 800 masks and 100 sanitizers to the real heroes now - The police, health and Sanitary workers of their town as a part of gratitude and safety of the ones who are protecting us.

    16. Surabhi Theater - Surbahi Theater is a organisation of theater artists group who are working for the welfare of these artists in Hyderabad.

    17. Dolly Aswani - Dolly Aswani, based on Agra is an individual changemaker.

    Note: Donations made towards this fundraiser in INR on and after 29th September 2020 are eligible for Indian Tax Exemption.


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