Donate construction material and help us build a cageless home for stray animals in Kolad.


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A rising number of old, sick and injured animals are often just left alone to die, with no one to care. Animals Matter To Me, Mumbai started an initiative to provide the animals, a home filled with love.   DONATE A PACK OF BRICKS, HELP US BUILD A HOME FOR THEM AND BE PART OF THE JOURNEY FOR CHANGE.

The number of animals being abandoned is on the rise.

The number of homeless strays on roads is on the rise.

The number of birds injured and maimed by our festivities is on the rise.

Not very long ago did we even come across a case where a stray dog was attacked by a sick assailant on the road. The dog was badly injured was bleeding to death, until one kind soul brought her to AMTM centre and stayed with her while she slowly recovered.


On July 2018 AMTM started one ambitious Campaign - the cageless sanctuary in Kolad to provide a decent home to all the strays, a home that they deserve. Animals Matter To Me has purchased 17 acres of land near Kolad, conveniently located from both Mumbai and Pune, to start an animal sanctuary. 

With an aim to bring all the animals together, especially the ones which are in a bad shape, old, sick, blind or handicapped, this sanctuary will be home to all kind of animals, an organic farm and a gaushala to make its a self-sustaining model. 


As of 22nd May 2019, the Front wall measuring 1100 running feet is complete and what lies ahead is another 4400 running feet boundary which needs to be secured before internal designs begin to start.



Animals Matter to Me, Mumbai has been the voice of stray animals since May 22, 2010. The organization has rescued a number of sick and injured animals over the years, giving them a second chance at life.  AMTM was awarded The Pawsitive People's Awards for "The Dedicated NGO" category. 



Ganesh A Nayak – Founder of Animals Matter To Me (AMTM) is a Mumbai based Philanthropist and an animal lover has worked extensively with existing aminal shelters & NGO’s before starting AMTM. Ganesh & his wife Dheeraja, with help of their committed trustee members, are now building a massive sanctuary to help the animals that are often overlooked.


Since the inception of the idea, many popular celebrities around the country have come forward to lend their support to the project. 

This largest sanctuary in Maharashtra is a labour of love undertaken by Animals Matter To Me (AMTM). This massive project will see the light of day only if we all come forward to help. 

Each brick donated here will help an animal on the road live a safer life.

Each donation to these animals would mean a second chance at life.

Each new donor would mean a lot in our journey towards bringing a change.

And so we need you to take a step and be part of the change by donating building materials like bricks to help us make this beautiful ecosystem a reality.

Apart from helping the animals, you can also visit the sanctuary. You can volunteer to take care of the animals, or even help redesign and decorate the sanctuary!  

FAQs : 

Is AMTM a genuine organisation? 

Animals Matter To Me (AMTM), Mumbai is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organization in India with Registration number F-41718.  The organization has been working for animal welfare for the past 8 years and it has also been awarded the Pawsitive People’s Award for its transparency and efficiency. 

Where is the AMTM Kolad Sanctuary? 

The AMTM sanctuary is located in Vittalwadi, Maharashtra 402304.

The sanctuary is conveniently located about 120 to 150 km respectively from Mumbai and Pune. 

What will the bricks donate here used for? 

The sets of bricks donated here, each costing about Rs.90 per pack of 10, will be used to build sturdy shelters for thousands of stray dogs, cats and other animals. 

How can I know the progress of the project? 

You will receive regular updates from the NGO, made visible on the campaign page as an when a particular Phase of the projects gets completed. 

Can we visit the AMTM Centre? 

AMTM centre at Bungalow 13, 14, 15 Chikuwadi Road, Malad - Marve Rd, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400095 welcomes visitors from across the world. You can choose to visit, volunteer and be a part of the making of the sanctuary. 

How can we help in other ways? 

You could spread the word around, volunteer to take care of the animals, or even help redesign and decorate the entire sanctuary. So, if you want to spend your weekend doing something fun and meaningful, or you just love animals and want to lend a hand into developing this beautiful sanctuary into something even grander, go ahead and volunteer.


About Animals matter to me Mumbai

Animals Matter to Me, Mumbai (AMTM) was established in 2010 committed to providing a humane and sustainable solution to the stray dogs, cats, birds and all kinds of species.  Their shelter- cum - hospital in Malad is now home to over 50,000 strays animals. The organization uses contributions from individuals and organizations alike, to provide food and medical attention to animals, reptiles and birds across Mumbai and Bangalore.

AMTM is made of people like you who come together for one single reason, their love for animals.

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How to Donate:

Note: Donations towards this fundraiser are not eligible for any tax deduction such as 80G, 501(c) etc.

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