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Hundreds of stray and abandoned animals need our help with urgent medical attention. Although our cageless sanctuary is well equipped to take care of them, lack of transport is a major concern. Please help us save these animals, by donating for an ambulance, and animal rescue vehicles.

Almost everyday we find animals stranded, hurt, or starving on the roads. Some of them are abandoned by their human families. These poor souls live in extremely impoverished conditions. They scrounge for food in garbage bins, drink water from sewers, which cause them to fall sick with various infections. Some animals get hit by vehicles and due to no immediate action, more often than not, they die painful deaths on the streets. 

At Animals Matter To Me, our goal is to rescue all these voiceless souls and give them the kind of love they deserve. We started building a cageless sanctuary for the rescued animals, where they can roam around freely and have a good quality of life. 

This sanctuary is located in Kolad, between Mumbai and Pune, spread over 17 acres. And it is operational now, working around the clock towards rehabilitating all our beloved furries. Presently we have 1800 animals, for whom we provide food, shelter and proper healthcare. 

We still keep getting calls, asking for help with rescuing abandoned animals. At the AMTM  cageless sanctuary in Kolad, we have ample space and facilities to accommodate these animals and make sure they get the attention they need.  The only challenge we face is the transportation of these animals to the facility. 

Most of the animals we rescue are battling for life when we find them. They need immediate medical help, and with the delay of every minute, we risk losing them. So we urgently need an ambulance to make sure no animals die due to delay in treatment. 

For rescuing and transporting other abandoned and malnourished animals, we need electric bikes. These bikes are convenient for navigating city traffic, and they can be used for safely getting these animals to the sanctuary.  

Each small contribution counts, every time you donate for the AMTM sanctuary, you’re helping at least one innocent animal run towards a better life! Please donate to help us save all the animals we can!


About Animals matter to me Mumbai

Animals Matter to Me, Mumbai (AMTM) was established in 2010 committed to providing a humane and sustainable solution to the stray dogs, cats, birds and all kinds of species.  Their shelter- cum - hospital in Malad is now home to over 50,000 strays animals. The organization uses contributions from individuals and organizations alike, to provide food and medical attention to animals, reptiles and birds across Mumbai and Bangalore.

AMTM is made of people like you who come together for one single reason, their love for animals.

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Note: Donations towards this fundraiser are not eligible for any tax deduction such as 80G, 501(c) etc.

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