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Support Animal Rescue Trust To Help The Voiceless

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    Our animal shelter ( ART) in Manjri, Pune came into being on 2nd October 2018 and since then there is no looking back. Animal Rescue Trust (ART) is a registered charitable Trust ( E/8240), section 12A & 80G Certified.Since then we have rescued and provided treatment to 8000+ Dogs, Cats & Birds, More than 6000 Strays Vaccinated Against Rabies, Sterilised around 5000 Stray Dogs & Cats.

    1. Aashiyana - Aashiyana is one of a kind retirement home in Pune for dogs.It houses many street and pedigree dogs, who have either lost limbs or rendered paralyzed in road accidents or were abandoned by their families. Some of them are blind and quite a few are rescued from cruel pasts. We have re-homed more than 200 dogs from Aashiyana to loving families of their own.

    2. Rescue & Treatment - Since Dec 2018, we have provided FREE treatment to almost 8000 admitted dogs till now. From 2020 we also started admitting cats after building a separate cattery. Since Jan 2021 we started admitting birds as well, mainly because there was a huge scarcity of aviaries in Pune and many city birds lost their lives. We started FREE OPD for street animals consultation and treatment in 2019 and opened the same for pets as well in 2021. We have One Veterinary Surgeon and one LSS who attend to our OPD Patients every day. We are one of the very few facilities in Pune which provide FREE OF COST Ambulance as well as OPD service for street animals. We have been running this service since the inception of ART. We cover all of the Pune district including the 799 rural villages.

    3. Dedicated Quarantine Wards -

    We have built 4 dedicated QUARANTINE wards for suspected Rabies and Distemper Cases. They are kept separated from the rest of the patients to control the infection.However, 80% of suspected RABIES cases do not have Rabies at all. Our Quarantine ward allows us to observe those animals for 10 days and figure out the root cause of symptoms. This 10 day quarantine period has helped save numerous innocent lives.

    4.Our dream is to provide advanced Medical and Surgical Facilities to our Street Animals free of cost, which is only restricted to pets in exotic pet clinics till now.We have started taking steps towards equipping our hospital with modern medical equipments and machinery and hired two Veterinary doctors . But there is a lot to add still..

    Below are the facilities we provide for Street Animals.

    1. Eye Surgeries

         - Cherry Eye

         - Corneal Surgery

    2. Soft Tissue Surgery

         - All Tumour Removal

         - Intestinal Surgery

         - Hernia

    3. Thorasic Surgeries

    4. Orthopedic Surgeries

         - Pinning

         - Plating

         - Reconstruction

    5. Dental Surgeries

    6. ENT Surgeries

    7..Blood transfusion

    8.. Blood tests

    When Vineeta and Farokh first started working towards Animal Welfare in Pune they realized that there were a lot of gaps with the medical facilities available for stray or abandoned dogs. With a vision to reduce those disparities they started ANIMAL RESCUE TRUST (ART) in 2018 as a Permanent Retirement Home for abandoned pedigree dogs and strays with medical issues such as Paralysis, Blindness etc. Within 3 years they were able to progress it into a medical facility at par with the best private ones with advanced equipment & machinery, in-house vets and surgeons doing extremely complicated procedures for the strays completely free so those who need help the most can actually receive it. 

    During the Pandemic hundreds of Pets were abandoned and hence the number of residents in Aashiyana (retirement home for dogs) have kept increasing as well. Now ART has expanded their retirement facility to twice its size. They have special Quarantine Wards for highly infectious cases such as Rabies Suspects, Gastro Patients or Canine Distemper Suspects.

    Hundreds of animals are looking for your support to have a second chance at Life. You can help ART build a 24*7 Hospital and a Permanent Retirement Home for them.

    We are looking forward to your kind Support !

    Note: All the donations  towards this campaign is eligible for Indian Tax Exemption


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