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The Akanksha Foundation is a 28-year-old nonprofit organization providing an excellent education to children from low-income communities. With a holistic approach in education, we focus on providing children with knowledge, skills and character that enable them to lead empowered lives.

The Akanksha Foundation is running a 'Back to School' donation drive where we seek to get notebooks and art supplies for 8000 of our students in Mumbai and Pune.

Why teach art? The question is still one that is asked by those who are unfamiliar with the benefits of art education. In most government schools, art programs are nonexistent, not taught well or taught as a stand-alone subject in isolation from other curricula. This is a sad scenario for students because they are losing out on the creative and cognitive processes that are involved in the visual arts. 

But this is not the case in the Akanksha run Schools.
We not only have art right from Jr. KG to grade 9 but support and encourage students as they get older to take up arts in different ways. 
For students studying in Grade 7 and above, who are interested in any field connected with visual arts, it is imperative that they give their Intermediate Art Exam which allows them to apply to a huge plethora of visual art colleges and without which, many avenues would be closed for them.

This year, we have more than 300+ students from 9 Akanksha run govt. schools will be giving the Elementary and Intermediate Art exam in September 2019. For this exam, they need the right art supplies. The supplies are expensive and hard for our students to afford them. Hence we look upon all those who know what it feels like to have a dream but not have the means to reach it. Help us to get the art supplies/tools that will help our students ace this exam.

With your valued contribution and our incessant efforts, together we can ensure our children receive an excellent education


About The Akanksha Foundation

The Akanksha Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to impact the lives of children from low- income communities, enabling them to maximize their potential and transform their lives

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