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Join Hands With Ahimsa Land Foundation And Help Them Save Hundreds Of Cows In Need

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    Pune-based animal liberation activists, Darshana Muzumdar (61) and Shweta Borgaonkar (21) have formed Ahimsa Land Foundation with the sole purpose of improving the lives of abandoned, injured, and sick animals in need and to raise awareness about how these animals end up in gaushalas and shelters.

    “Even though they try to reach out for help or escape the abuse, humans just ignore their cries. It's important for us to treat them with love so many more people will learn to look at them with a different perspective. These animals deserve as much of a chance as any other creature on earth. It is our duty to look after them,” - Darshana Muzumdar, Co-founder, Ahimsa Land Foundation.

    They are working tirelessly to create a kinder and cruelty-free world 

    Their primary aim is to replace the cruel and unpleasant farming methods and disrespectful practices, that are unfortunately today common in the dairy and farming industry, with better approaches, alternatives, and solutions. They also want to improve the quality of life and health of the farmed animals that are still in the system.

    “We have rescued 15 cows and buffaloes from a dairy farm in Gurdaspur, Punjab, and have kept them at a gaushala in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. But, unfortunately, the gaushala is home to 450 cows and is thus posing to be a little cramped. We are working to build another shed to improve the present condition. The gaushala is also struggling to feed all of them. We are working to help them overcome this daily challenge. We want to give all the cows a safe place to live and a nutritious diet too.”

    While they’re trying their very best to give these cows a comfortable life - it’s not an easy task. They need your support. 

    Join them in their fight to save hundreds of cows 

    The mission of Ahimsa Land Foundation is to work with those who are directly causing the suffering not because they want to, but because they have been conditioned to believe that that way of earning a living is acceptable and the exploitation of animals has been normalized for them. The aim is to turn off the tap instead of just mopping up. We believe that everyone is inherently compassionate and kind and that these characteristics will become apparent when we work collectively towards that goal. In order to achieve this, we will work with and support farmers and gaushalas to move in that direction.

    Ahimsa Land Foundation sees a world where freedom, compassion, justice, and peace are experienced by all and not just the ones who are privileged to do so. We see a world where we each become an agent of these characteristics wherever we may be, whatever gender, race, religion, community, caste, country or region we may belong to, whatever age we may be or whatever capabilities we may have. You can donate fodder and jaggery to feed a nutritious diet to the cows - every single donation will make a difference. 

    About the NGO: Pune-based NGO, Ahimsa Land Foundation was started by Darshana Muzumdar (60) and Shweta Borgaonkar (21). Its sole purpose is to raise awareness by looking after abandoned, injured, and sick farmed animals in need. They’re also working to improve the quality of health of farmed animals.


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