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We Need Your Support To Set-Up Queer-Trans Wellness Centre , Help Us


    Anveshi is working with community-led Queer collectives and groups to create a first-of-its-kind center in Hyderabad: The Queer-Trans Wellness & Support Centre (QT Center). The QT Center will provide emergency services (helpline, access to counselling & medical care, temporary housing) as well as create a support network that will mitigate and provide accessible support and care for the Queer communities. Some of the services the center offers are:

    Temporary shelter (for a maximum of 10 people) - for adult LGBTQIA+ people who are in crisis and need support for up to 40 days. During their stay with the help of the existing network we will help them to move into stable employment and housing from the shelter home.

    Helpline – A dedicated helpline with fixed timings for LGBTQIA+ people to reach out with their queries, needs and crisis.

    Counselling -  for both Queer folks and as well as their parents (those who are willing to work towards accepting their Queer children), this could be peer counselling or through a professional or both, depending on the necessity.

    Hangout space(Drop-in centre) - ensuring a safe and affirming space for Queer folks to explore their gender and sexuality, to rest and relax. The visiting queer-trans folks will be provided access to a curated gender and sexuality literature and audio-visual resources in Telugu, Hindi and English. And they will also be provided with a wardrobe of clothes and other essentials such as binders, tucking accessories etc.

    Legal education – on frequent occasions, rights-based legal education is provided to all interested Queer folks so that they are aware of their rights and are also decently prepared for any crisis situations they might encounter in their life or in their fellow Queer friend's lives.

    Community support group meetings – Support group meetings, once a month

    Promotion of Queer Arts - Open mic events for Queer folks to perform various art forms, and pro-bono art workshops (theatre, painting, music and etc.) organised by fellow Queer artists will be organised from time to time

    We are working to start the center in February 2022 and we need your support in procuring the essential infrastructure to set up the place. These include beds and mattresses, basic furniture, kitchen utensils & appliances, computers for admin work, and medical & first-aid equipment. Please help us create a safe and welcoming Space for Queer people.

    We need your help in setting up this Queer-Trans Wellness and Support Centre

    About the NGO

    Anveshi Research Center for Women’s Studies, established in 1985 is a 35-year-old organization that is committed to research, critical reflection, and activism. We are invested in exploring new ways of understanding contemporary issues in gender, sexuality, and marginalization in relation to Dalits, Muslims, and sexual minorities.

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    Note: All the donations  towards this campaign is eligible for Indian Tax Exemption


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