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Over 50+ brands/companies have partnered with Donatekart in their philanthropic/CSR journey.

We bring in 100% transparency in giving with our in-kind donations model. With Donatekart, you can support the most pressing causes across the country and impact thousands of lives. If your company or foundation is looking to make a difference today, we’re here to partner with you.

Cobranded Campaigns

Start a campaign in collaboration with Donatekart, which will be customized based on your brand's mission and core values. Choose from 1000+ NGOs and multiple causes, and encourage your customer base and/or employees to support and contribute.

CSR Giving

Directly donate to verified causes/NGOs through Donatekart. This is 100% CSR compliant, where you will receive an Impact report post campaign completion. You will also receive 80G tax exemption for the donation.

Employee Giving

An effective way to show your employees that you care, and to motivate them to give. Engage and encourage your employees to support any of the numerous causes on Donatekart and make a social impact in the process.


Our unique model allows NGOs to list the products that they require and raise funds for the same. If your company manufactures any of the mentioned products and can meet the requirements, then you can donate or pledge your own products to support these NGOs.

Matching Campaigns

Support a cause that's close to your company's mission and vision, and double the impact by matching donations made by your employees or individual donors. Matching donations not only encourages donors to be more generous, but also creates a bigger impact on the beneficiaries.

DonateKart Direct

With our strong and reliable network of vendors across the country, we can help procure the required products that you wish to donate to NGOs at the best rate and quality.

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