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With the objective to provide free healthy and nutritious food for patients and their attendees,Seva kitchen launched this campaign to provide meals at ESI hospital & Ambedkar Hospital,Delhi.Donations made to this campaign will ensure patients coming to National Capital for treatment doesn't sleep hungry

We have 3 initiatives at Seva Kitchen - Neki Ka Pitara, Cook and Serve and Pay for a Meal Forward.

Pay for a Meal

The easiest thing you can do is pay for a Puri-Bhaaji on Donatekart . Once we raise the requisite number of meals to serve in a particular hospital,Donatekart sends the packed puri-Bhaaji’s to the hospital where our volunteers distribute to the needy.

Neki Ka Pitara

Seva Kitchen has installed Neki Ka Patara or Fridge of Kindness at the following Hospitals. They cater to the poor patients and their relatives at Hospitals. You can fill up the fridge with Apples, Bananas, Grapes , Sofit , Amul Kool, Amul Lassi , Biscuits , Rajgira Chikki , small butter cubes , Buns .

Cook and Serve

Food is needed at the following locations for the needy. If you wish to serve at any of these locations , just Whattsapp your name to the coordinator of the Location and you will be added to the group , you will start receiving updates a day before the Seva. If you wish to start Seva at a new locations in your city which could be a hospital, hospice, night-shelter, a slum or a gathering of poor destitute people who need food call 09561011264.


About Seva Kitchen

The idea of calling it Seva Kitchen, came with some deliberation. The name , quite literally, draws on the traditional value of selfless giving - a desire to serve or doing Seva. Although we started off by making meals accessible to relatives of patients in hospital, the term Seva Kitchen continues to cover a broader ambit of addressing hunger needs. Towards this guiding principle is the belief that every kitchen, in every town, village or city is a Seva Kitchen. The provider of succor to those who are hungry, because every meal counts!

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