Equip child educators in a slum area with school supplies, create a brighter tomorrow

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    The Issue

    In the heart of JJ Colony, Bawana, New Delhi, resides a community struggling against the shadows of crime. Originating as a resettlement colony from Yamuna Pushta in the wake of the 2004 Commonwealth Games, this area has long been a witness to challenges that threaten the innocence and future of its children.

    Since our engagement with the Bawana community dating back to its Yamuna Pushta days in 1988, a stark correlation has unfolded—between idle pursuits like loitering and rag-picking, the haunting sight of begging, and the vulnerable out-of-school street children. These issues, if left unaddressed, pave the way for criminality, embracing substance peddling, abuse, pickpocketing, child labor, and other societal injustices.

    Our Response

    To counteract this devastating trajectory and tackle the alarming dropout rates, we initiated a Child Education Program, where we conduct classes after school and foster extracurricular activities. Our objective is crystal clear: every child enrolled with us must not drop out of their local government school. Yet, with more than 18,000 children in the community, our program cannot reach everyone. Thus, the birth of our Bal Gurukul Program—a distinctive initiative fueled by our unwavering commitment to ensuring transformative education for every vulnerable child in Bawana.

    The Program Unveiled

    The Bal Gurukul program unfolds as a beacon of hope, nurturing student leaders, known as "Bal Gurus." These mentors, who are as young as 11 years old, shoulder the responsibility of imparting education to their even younger peers within the community. In the absence of conventional resources, they ingeniously turn doors into blackboards and streets into classrooms. This approach guarantees that every child, who might otherwise be deprived of education, gains access to this fundamental human right.

    Bal Gurukul doesn't merely deliver transformative, value-based education; it forges a path for sustained community development, steered by these emerging child leaders. The program aspires to mold their character, instill leadership skills, and foster self-reliance.

    The Aspiration

    Our ultimate goal is to equip these dedicated Bal Gurus, who invest their limited time and resources in reshaping the lives of fellow children, with the essential materials to create a conducive learning environment. While they exhibit remarkable ingenuity in fashioning teaching aids from whatever is at their disposal, the elevation of their own education becomes tangible with access to specific materials—stationery sets, notebooks, chalk, blackboards, and more.

    Empower Change

    By providing these child educators with the tools they need to teach, you aren't merely altering the trajectory of a single child's life; you are transforming an entire community. Your support is the catalyst for positive change, breaking the chains of ignorance and empowering the next generation to script their own narratives of success and resilience. Join us in this transformative journey and be the change these children deserve. Together, let's turn classrooms of dreams into reality.


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