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KERALA CALLING Over 5,00,000 people in Kerala are battling massive floods. Goonj is gearing up to be with the people the way it has done in a series of disasters. You are needed too! Goonj's Team headed by founder Anshu Gupta is in the field assessing the situation and is setting up relief operations the way it has done in the last twenty years.

For the last two decades, Goonj has been deeply involved in disaster-related work across the country. It has an existing network of communities and partners that are active throughout the year in areas of rural development. At the time of disaster, this network is intensified as a powerful tool for change.

Through the initiative “Rahat Floods”, Goonj channelizes this network to bring specific immediate relief kits to flood-affected communities and then after a few weeks provides continued assistance and long-term rehabilitation. Urban masses join the effort with both material and money contributions.

Goonj's Team headed by founder Anshu Gupta is in the field assessing the situation and is setting up relief operations the way it has done in the last twenty years. First, Goonj will address the basic urgent needs of the flood-affected communities. Later in the rehabilitation process, through the initiative "Cloth For Work" material kits will motivate and trigger local communities to action and restore infrastructure like roads, schools, dams etc. and rebuild lives along with way. The affected communities are not mere passive recipients but collectively work with us as an equal stakeholder - be it in assessing the critical situation or in the decision-making.

Contact Anil Kumar - 8446638884/ for more information. 


About Goonj

GOONJ a multi award winning organization working pan India for the last 2 decades, uses the cities discard for fuelling wide spread development work across village India. While dealing with 4000+ tons of material annually, Goonj reaches this material as a resource, as a parallel currency with dignity to the rural communities as they take up large scale development work, 4000+ activities, like recharging water bodies, rebuilding local infrastructure, education, for addressing their own issues. In the process they become equal stakeholders in resolving the neglected issues affecting them; using local resources & indigenous wisdom. Comprehensive Family Kits are given as a reward to people for their efforts. Goonj’s work has also led to systemic changes in the disaster relief & rehabilitation work and opened up the most taboo issue of menstrual hygiene and providing clean cotton cloth as a viable solution.

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