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Decision was made!! Yes, now the animals we call stray are not going to be Homeless anymore!! We are gifting them a "Home"."Being Home" is the best feeling we could finally think of to make them feel protected and Happy.. They gonna be cage-free but protected by an eco-friendly wall we are building!!!

A big shout to all supporter, donors & volunteers who completed our pilot campaign for amtm kolad wall. Work is in full swing & all are invited to see frontage wall work in progress. Today we are starting to clear & start phase 2 campaign for rear wall of the property.

Listed are needs of the hour to raise support for rear wall. Mild steel 43 rs per kg : 6000 kgs.

Cement bags 260 rs per bag : 800 bags. Bricks small size (Tokla brick) rs 9 each need : 50000 bricks. Bricks large ( Chira  brick ) rs 62 need : 10000.Stay connected. Feel free to reach us on 7738642476

They had few questions for you but less patience to wait for answers. They addressed few troubles but no time to wait for solutions!! I am talking about this well established organization in Mumbai who revolutionized the concept of living for the stray animals. Yes!! they are answering the questions themselves and solving the troubles, but they now need your support to move ahead!! Here goes there story tied up to the poor stray animals!!

stray animals

Well would you even think of being homeless for a second? No way, Right!! We work all day hoping to reach home atleast by night. That's how protective we feel about having a home. Did you ever think that even animals feel the same about being at home? Animals Matter To Me Mumbai wanted to make a difference. They couldn't just stop at feeding these animals they wanted to gift them a "Home". 

 So far we did it well! Now it is more upto you to encourage us further to keep going till the sanctuary is built!!

And the image below is where the "Home" is going to be!! (Kolad-Maharastra) 

kolad sanctuary place


About Animals matter to me Mumbai

Animals Matter to Me, Mumbai (AMTM) was established in 2010 committed to providing a humane and sustainable solution to the stray dogs, cats, birds and all kinds of species.  Their shelter- cum - hospital in Malad is now home to over 50,000 strays animals. The organization uses contributions from individuals and organizations alike, to provide food and medical attention to animals, reptiles and birds across Mumbai and Bangalore.

AMTM is made of people like you who come together for one single reason, their love for animals.

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